T18: 10 Things you need to know to protect yourself and your company from cyber attacks

Tuesday, 21 July 2020, 08:30 – 12:30
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Abbas Moallem (short bio)

UX Experts, LLC, Cupertino, California, USA
Adjunct professor at San Jose State University and California State



Every day the number of ransomware, identity thefts, credit card fraud, email message hacking, etc. grows and costs individuals and institutions both short-term and long-term loss.
The press is full of reports of data center breaches that result in loss of intellectual property, trade secrets, and/or customer data and affect the company’s reputation.

Successful cyber protection at the individual level or enterprise level is not possible without having well-trained people who are aware of security risks and are knowledgeable enough to make sound judgments when they are confronted with cyber-attacks such as phishing or fraudulent phone calls. The active involvement of employees and their awareness are paramount to a company’s security compliance.
The objective of this tutorial is to cover 10 important areas of cybersecurity risks and teach attendees about protective measures.


Content and Benefits:

After the completion of this training, session participants will learn practical ways of dealing with cyber-attacks, and a list of actions to take to protect themselves at both the individual and the company level.

  1. Trust
  2. Authentication
  3. Privacy
  4. Ransomware
  5. Identity Theft
  6. Phishing
  7. Application Access
  8. Social Media
  9. Home Networking
  10. Surveillance


Target Audience:

Prior knowledge of experience in the field of cybersecurity is not required. Therefore potential beneficiaries of this course may be:

  • Students at All level
  • All Academics
  • Professional, and Practitioners

Bio Sketch of Presenter:

Dr. Abbas Moallem is an executive director of UX Experts, LLC, and an adjunct professor at San Jose State University, California State University, where he teaches HCI, human factors, cybersecurity, and data visualization.

Dr. Abbas Moallem has extensive and diverse experience in designing, developing, and delivering successful, innovative, and user-friendly products to market. Over 20 years of experience in designing award-winning enterprise applications for several major companies in Silicon Valley. Dr. Moallem has also consulted a variety of industries in Europe and Canada.

Abbas holds a Ph.D. in Human Factors and Ergonomics from the University of Paris (Paris XIII), a Master's degree in Biomechanics from the University of Creteil (Paris XI) and a Master's degree in Ergonomics from the Conservatoire Nation des Arts et Métiers in Paris, France.

Abbas is the editor of the "Human-Computer Interaction and Cybersecurity Handbook", that provides insight into how understanding human factors could change how companies invest their resources in what is currently a $101 billion industry.
Dr. Moallem is the author of "Cybersecurity Awareness Among College Students and Faculty" published in 2019 by CRC Press.

He currently serves as Communication and Exposition Chair of the HCI International and Conference and program chair of the 2nd International Conference on HCI for Cybersecurity, Privacy, and Trust (HCI-CPT).