Information for Poster Presenters

Following the transformation of the HCII 2020 conference into a virtual event, the nature of poster presentations has also changed.

Posters will be accessible to all registered conference participants though the Conference Management System (CMS) for the entire six-day period, from Sunday 19 until Friday 24 July.

Conference participants will have the option to ask presenters questions through email (asynchronous communication).

Through this link presenters can view the template of a poster presentation; this is optimized for best view with a browser in full screen in a monitor with resolution of Full-HD (1920x1080) or better.

How to prepare the poster image (required)
The image file for a poster presentation should have a size of 900x900 pixels in JPG or PNG format, optimized for screen presentation over the web (not in high resolution print quality). It is recommended that the content of the poster image should include a concise overview of the work with clear illustrations and attractive visual design.

How to prepare the presentation video (optional)
The video can be a recording of a computer presentation or a capture of the screen demonstrating the work, or a video recording of the presenter and/or the team, or any combination of the above.
Please prepare all material and narration in English having in mind that the video presentation will be viewed by an international audience, so please speak clearly and slower than usual.
The video is related to the poster image, but must also work without it - should be self-explanatory. It should not require prior reading of the ‘extended poster abstract’ (short research paper published in the Springer CCIS proceedings) in order to understand the work presented.

When the video presentation is ready, presenters are advised to upload it to YouTube using this guide and make sure that under the Privacy Settings they select “Unlisted”. Then copy and save the 'share link'.

How to submit the presentation
Through the presenter’s CMS account, under Submitted Proposals, the presenter should select the poster submission and click on the button ‘UPLOAD POSTER IMAGE/VIDEO’ in order to upload the required Poster image file and provide the optional link to the video file. After submission, presenters have the option to preview their poster presentation (image and optional video). Presenters can repeat the submission process as many time as they wish, until Saturday, 18 July 12:00 noon CEST (Copenhagen).
Thereafter, the process will be frozen for submitted presentations and will be available only for first-time submissions (able to submit only once). At the time of initial submission of the presentation, a ‘display number’ will be assigned to each poster.

If the presentation file(s) for a poster will not be provided, then the poster will not be listed in the ‘Poster presentations list’, but in a separate list with its title, author(s) and a link to the Springer CCIS proceedings (the published ‘extended poster abstract’).